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pfSense / Wireguard / Bad Code / Close Call

A nice write-up of how a whole bunch of bad code very nearly ended up in FreeBSD 13 due to several bad calls on the part of pfSense.

Cryptocurrencies and Coinbase

Greetings, Readers! We get aked a lot of questions about cryptocurrencies including where to get them, and which ones to buy. Although we cannot tell you which ones will make your fortune, our experience so far has lead us to believe that Coinbase is a safe reputable online vendor, and we have an exclusive joining… Read More »

Instant Messengers and Info Leaks

This article has a nice rundown on how safe your private information is when you mention it to a friend using any one of several instant messengers. (Short version: It’s not.) It seems that Facebook is not only unconcerned about your privacy, but also unconcerned about your bandwidth, as this happened: Check the article out… Read More »

Hard Disks Are Sensitive To Vibration

Hard disks are sensitive things. Spinning metal disks with magnetic read/write heads hovering micrometers above them. Many folks dont take enough care of their Hard Drives, and only find out that they have been damaged too late, when data has been lost. If any of you are wondering how hard you have to knock a… Read More »