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Patterns Are Good!

A lot of people ask us about hacking – and mostly we just smile and walk away – but if you’re really interested in finding out how things work, and getting into the real nuts-and-bolts of computers, then we have a nice Youtube channel for you. Start with this clip – it’s a good intro… Read More »

Intel CPU Vulnerability

You can find a nice write-up on the Intel CPU vulnerability here. “Testing also showed that an attack running on one virtual machine was able to access the physical memory of the host machine, and through that, gain read-access to the memory of a different virtual machine on the same host.” It seems that mitigation… Read More »

The Shape Of Things To Come?

We found this nice article on APNIC that gives a slightly-but-not-too-technical rundown on how things have started to change in the common internet protocols, hopefully for the better… Internet protocols are changing

Vulnerability Found In Common WiFi Encryption (Krack Attack)

Weaknesses have been found in WPA2, a protocol that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks. The attack (which has been nicknamed Krack) can allow an attacker to defeat encryption and view traffic which would normally be protected against viewing my an unauthorised user. Official release and full write-up of Krack Attack is here It is… Read More »

Adobe Flash gone by 2020 according to Adobe

Used by both web cartoon makers, and terrible online banking interface creators, Adobe Flash has been the bane of many IT administrators lives for years. Responsible for a never-ending slew of security vulnerabilities, the sooner that Flash is dead, the better. Recently announced by Adobe, updates and patches will no longer be released after 2020.… Read More »

Hacked Pacemakers?

It’s not just traditional computers and servers that are at risk of being hacked, but also other devices too. In this case the FDA has released an advisory regarding vulnerabilities found in Abbotts Cardiac Pacemakers. More information can be found here