Internet + ISP

All ISPs aren’t equal, neither are all locations. An ISP that is excellent in one location may be awful in another, and vice versa.

ITSS offers consulting services to enable clients to choose the best ISP in their location. ITSS is not tied to any provider, and is able to recommend the solution most appropriate to your needs.

ITSS also provides the following internet-related services :-

  • Domain registration for all .tz domains
  • Domain registration for .com, .org, etc
  • Web/eMail/DNS Hosting
  • Web Design
  • VPNs for remote workers
  • Firewalls
  • Caching Web Proxy

ITSS is a tzniclogo_ accredited registrar.

ITSS can also help reduce wasteful internet usage at your organisation. Block unauthorised users from wasting time on social networking sites, or downloading movies, music, etc. Using captive portal technology, we can help you free up your bandwidth and make the internet quick again.

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