Only 1 copy? Then it’s not a backup!

By | 15/02/2016

Hi All,

The last week has been interesting here at ITSS as we have had a much larger than usual number of requests for our data recovery services. What makes it more interesting is that in almost all cases, the problem was presented to us as ‘My backup drive has crashed – please help me get my data back’

Now, the most observant of our readers will already have spotted the problem.

If you only have one copy of your important file, in one place, on one hard drive or flash drive, then ITS NOT A BACKUP.

In order to have a backup – you must have at least TWO copies – in TWO DIFFERENT PLACES.

Two different places does not mean ‘In your laptop bag’, and ‘in the side pocket of your laptop bag’ – because if your bag gets stolen – then you have lost everything.

And lastly – a free tip for you all. Don’t carry your portable hard drives around with the cable still attached. It puts too much stress on the connector. Unplug the cable when in transit.

Thanks for reading, and should any of you wish to purchase an external HDD for backup – please contact us using the contact page. We’re based in Msasani and offer full warranty on all products.

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